The University of Twente offers different programmes for students who want an extra challenge during their bachelor. These programmes can be categorised in  broadening and deepening programmes. The deepening programmes are made for each education and differ from bachelor to bachelor. Whereas the broadening programmes are UT central organised and available for everyone. Under the deepening programmes fall the star and plus programmes of the UT. Under the broadening programmes you have the honours programme and ATLAS (University College). It is allowed to follow multiple programmes at the same time.

Broadening programmes

The broadening programmes have in common to focus on skills rather then knowledge. This focus is present in the honours programme of the UT and the bachelor education ATLAS. For instance in the honours programme the choice is there for the student to focus on specific skills to develop. These skills range from presenting and academic writing towards multidisciplinary working skills. 

deepening programmes

The deeping programmes have in common to be part of the educational programme. These programmes are meant to become better in your own field and gain more knowledge from a specific part. In the star programmes this elaborates in doing projects on the star level requiring more in depth actions. In the plus programmes you study more in a specific field.