See Honours programmes for UT Bsc and Msc Students

Bachelor programmes

The University of Twente offers different programmes for students who want an extra challenge during their Bachelor. These programmes can be categorised inĀ broadening and deepening programmes. The broadening programmes are centrally organised by the University of Twente and available for students of all programmes, whereas the deepening programmes are made for specific studies and differ from Bachelor to Bachelor. Under the broadening programmes we have the Bachelor Honours Programme and ATLAS (University College), and under the deepening programmes, there are the STAR- and plus programmes. It is allowed to follow multiple programmes at the same time.

Broadening programmes

The broadening programmes have their focus on skills rather than knowledge in common. This category consists of the Bachelor Honours Programme and the Bachelor programme ATLAS. These skills can be directly related to your field of study, or can allow for a new, multi-disciplinary approach to existing problems. The Bachelor Honours Programme is followed alongside your bachelor education as an extracurricular activity, while ATLAS is a full Bachelors programme of its own.

deepening programmes

The deepening programmes are all part of specific Bachelor studies. These programmes are meant to become better in your own field and gain more knowledge from a specific part. In the STAR-programme, this elaborates in doing projects on the star level, requiring more in-depth action, and is available for EPA, IBA, and ID students. In the plus programmes for AT and AP, you study more in a specific field.