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[13] 2017  Principal Investigator, MexFlex: Material Science and Synthesis of Extreme Positioning Flexures, TTW HighTech Systems and Materials, 16210 (376k€ for PE/ 762k€ total budget, 117k€ in cash, 136k€ in kind),ranked 3/81

[12] 2015 MӦBIUS: Additive Manufacturing of Complex Precision Flexure Mechanisms, STW HighTech Systems and Materials, 14665 (240k€ for WA/ 585k€ total budget, 72k€ in cash, 102k€ in kind), ranked 4/32, 2.4.

[11] 2015 Flexure‐based Robotic Hand: for low cost, light weight, precision human prosthetics. PDEng- Sponsored by Program for Science based engineering of the UT, (65k€ UT WA),

[10] 2015 Large range of motion spatial flexure joints - a topology synthesis method -, NWO-STW Innovational Research VIDI, 14152 (800k€ UT WA), ranked 1/48, 1.94.

[9]  2013 DAMS: Demcon Advanced Micro Systems, NanoLabNL cleanroom manufacturing voucher, (5/10k€/UT-WA, Demcon).

[8]  2011 UV-RGB: The integrated UV-RGB combiner, IOP Photonic Devices IPD100014 (640/1634k€/UT WA, XIO Photonics, Tyco Electric, IMS, Coherent, TU Delft).

[7]  2010 MIVADO: Micro Valve Dosing, Point-One PNE101004, (340/1937k€/Democon, Bronkhorst HighTech, Finapress Medical Systems, UT-WA, UT-TST).

[6]  2010 PICOLI: Picoliter mass flow measuring, Pieken in de Delta: PID 092051 (893/2516k€, Bronkhorst HighTech, Demcon, Future Chemistry, UT-WA).

[5]  2009 MOV-ET: Motion in vacuum by elastic mechanisms and tribology, Point-One PNE08006, 542/2024k€/Demcon, FEI, Vision Dynamics, TNO, UT-WA, UT-OTR).

[4]  2008 Optimization of Coriolis, Micro-Ned, (50/100k€/Demcon, Bronkhorst, UT-WA, TUD-SOM).

[3]  2008 Micro-coriolis, part of ‘HighTech Factory’, Pieken in de Delta: OI/REB/7129305/PID07098, (250/785k€/Demcon, Micronit, Lionix, Bronkhorst, UT-TST, UT-WA).

[2]  Teleflex, Pieken in de Delta: PID07038 (839/3595k€/Demcon, UT-OPM, UT-CE, UT-WA, UT-TG, Thoraxcenter MST).

[1]  2008 CLEMPS: Closed-loop embedded MEMS-based precision stage, Point-One: PNE07004, (386/1515 k€/Demcon, FEI, UT-TST, UT-WA).


Total granted budget (5.5/16.3M€)