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Master at the Department of Biomedical Engineering

We welcome students from different master programs such as Mechanical Engineering (ME), BioMedical Engineering (BME), Industrial Design Engineering (IDE) and the 4TUE master systems and control (SC).

Our topics:


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If you like modeling and computer simulations, you will find biology and medicine interesting and challenging application areas. The dynamics and structural properties of biological systems are nonlinear and time-varying, which we try to understand and predict with numerical techniques as finite element analysis, computational fluid dynamics, mechanobiological modelling.


Our research ranges from models of bones, muscles, tissues, to cells.

Examples of master assignments

  • 3D analysis of ice skatingMacintosh HD:Users:kooijh:Documents:AlgemeneDocs:vakgroep:FlyerVakgroep:Foto(300dpi):tlem.png
  • prediction of muscle forces during human walking
  • analysis of failure mechanisms of hip implants
  • modeling of biking dynamics and stability analysis
  • modeling of needle tissue interaction
  • modeling the spine


Macintosh HD:Users:kooijh:Documents:AlgemeneDocs:vakgroep:FlyerVakgroep:Foto(300dpi):thumb_EU Script - SRS1 - GeenRechten_1024.jpg If you are interested in applying your knowledge in designing new medical devices, you have come to the right group. There is a variety of topics you can choose for your Masters Thesis.


Our research ranges from surgical implants to limb replacing prostheses and from application of smart materials to medical robotics.

Examples of master assignments

  • design of a series elastic actuatorMacintosh HD:Users:kooijh:Documents:AlgemeneDocs:vakgroep:FlyerVakgroep:Foto(300dpi):MobileLopes.jpg
  • design of a wearable exoskeleton
  • design of a MRI compatible surgical robot for prostate biopsies
  • design of an energy storing knee-ankle prosthesis
  • design of an MRI compatible robot for prostate biopsy
  • design of a robot for transcranial magnetic stimulation
  • design of a wearable hand exoskeleton design of soft robotics


Macintosh HD:Users:kooijh:Documents:AlgemeneDocs:vakgroep:FlyerVakgroep:Foto(300dpi):Floor - IMG_8000 - MetRechten.JPG If you want to specialize in robots, control engineering, or human-machine interaction, we offer you many projects you can work on and courses in which you can deepen your understanding and improve your skills.


Our research ranges from identification of human motor control, identification and control of therapeutic and surgical robots.

Examples of master assignments

  • Macintosh HD:Users:kooijh:Documents:AlgemeneDocs:vakgroep:FlyerVakgroep:Foto(300dpi):2009080901KrisKras-031.jpeg control of an arm exoskeleton
  • iterative learning control of the robotic gait trainer LOPES
  • multi variable identification of balance control
  • model predictive control of the mindwalker
  • model predictive control of hand muscles by functional electrical stimulation
  • model based control of steerable needles
  • model based control of micro robotics
  • analysis and modeling of human balance control during gait
  • momentum based control of human balance