ING Honours Symposium

Symposium Invitation: Wednesday 27 September

Creation of a Software Agility Testbed

An ING Honours Project for UT-BSc Students in Computer Science

Over the last year or so, a group of 12 BSc students, sponsored by the ING, have worked very hard to create multiple versions of a toy banking system, on top of which they then implemented up to 12 different functional extensions. On Wednesday 27 September, 15:45-17:30, we will present the outcome of this project. Please register here if you want to join.

What was the purpose of this project?

  • The project has yielded a unique and valuable resource for future research
    Such a multiple-versioned, controlled sequence of software changes provides hugely valuable sample data for understanding how software evolves, and what makes its evolution difficult
  • The project has been a unique learning opportunity for the students
    The students had fun, learned a lot, and were paid for their efforts
  • The project represents a unique cooperation model between academia and industry
    The project addresses a major challenge at ING; moreover, the students are attractive as potential future employees

Why should you attend the symposium?

  • If you are a student: We plan to organise a similar project this year (2017-2018). Learn about this opportunity and the process, and become a candidate participant in the next round
  • If you are an educator: Learn about this new mode of learning for students, see if it appeals to you and if we can make this a more regular part of the curriculum
  • If you are a Software Engineering researcher: Learn about the outcome of the project, and see if you can benefit from the testbed we created
  • If you are an ING employee: Meet the students who made all of this possible¬†