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Faiza Bukhsh part of the "Orange the world" campaigne 25 Nov - 10 Dec 2023

"Orange the World" campaign, running from November 25th to December 10th 2023, Human Rights Day. Orange, a symbol of a brighter future, unites us in the fight against violence against women and girls. The theme this year is "Safe Everywhere and Always."

Faiza Bukhsh had the privilege to be part of the conversation and witness the commitment of our city's leadership, Roelof Bleker.

The campaign kicks off with an inspiring speech by Enschede's Burgemeester Roelof Bleker, a heartfelt poem by Arthur Adam ten Cate, an interactive debate with Secil Arda, and insights from Dr. Faiza A. Bukhsh of the University of Twente. Panels featuring local leaders, Kadera, Terwille organizations, and the participation of Soroptimist Enschede and Soroptimist Enschede Dunya add diverse perspectives.