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Sparsity in Neural Networks: advancing understanding and practice

In July 2021, we have co-organized the inaugural edition of the "Sparsity in Neural Networks: advancing understanding and practice" workshop (SNN 2021). The workshop aims to bring together researchers working on problems related to the practical, theoretical, and scientific aspects of neural network sparsity, and members of adjacent communities, in order to build connections across different areas, create opportunities for new collaborations, and articulate shared challenges. The full list of organizers is: Ari Marcos (Facebook AI Research), Zhangyang Wang (UT Austin), Jonathan Frankle (MIT), Utku Evci (Google Brain), Michela Paganini (DeepMind), Baharan Mirzasoleiman (UCLA), Siddhant M. Jayakumar (DeepMing), Elena Mocanu (University of Twente), Chang Xu (University of Sydney), Trevor Gale (Stanford University), Decebal Constantin Mocanu (University of Twente), and Erich Elsen (DeepMind).

The workshop had 12 invited speakers, one tutorial, three panel sessions, over 800 registered attendees, and 62 accepted papers. All the workshop's materials (YouTube videos, papers, etc.) can be found here