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Update: Smart water reservoir pilot has started

You may have noticed it already walking around the campus: the eight meter high smart water reservoir, located near the sporting fields of the UT. The water reservoir was developed at the university as part of a new pilot. The water reservoir has a capacity of 35.000 liters, and will serve as a ‘buffer’ for the sewage system in Enschede.Heavy rainfall sometimes overloads the sewage system, causing the streets to flood with water. The idea of the researchers is to create a system using more smart water reservoirs to prevent this from happening in the future. It’s possible to refresh the water stored in the reservoir if needed, another possibility is to empty the reservoir based on weather reports in order to support the sewage system. The water stored by the reservoir could also be used to water plants around the campus.

As of now, the pilot is limited to one smart water reservoir. Researchers plan to measure the effect of the smart reservoir on water saving and the sewage system.

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