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Take the cyber security course and learn whether your data is protected properly UT launches e-learning courses on new Security Education Platform

Unfortunately, it is happening ever more frequently: cybercriminals succeeding in obtaining valuable knowledge and privacy-related data. Therefore, the risk that you too are confronted with cybercriminals who (attempt to) gain information is ever-present. The information in question may be work-related or it may be information that you use privately and therefore wish to keep private. To ensure that you are aware of the risks and are fully informed about cyber security, the University offers students and employees an e-learning programme on cyber security.

E-learning programme: inventory and exercises

The e-learning modules are part of the Privacy and Awareness Programme (PASSWORD) of LISA. At the end of September, this e-learning programme will start with a knowledge inventory. How much do you already know about cyber security and about dealing safely with privacy-sensitive data? About which subjects do you wish and ought to learn more? Once you have completed the inventory, you can start working on the assignments. We will make the inventory and the assignments available on our new platform called Security Education Platform.

Everyone will be invited by e-mail, as we aim to get everyone to take the modules via the Security Education Platform. In the e-mail invitation, you can read exactly what you have to do to participate. The e-learning will not take you long. The modules are quite concise and the assignments you carry out enable you to immediately put your (newly) acquired knowledge of cyber, information and privacy security to use. By doing so, you will improve the protection of your own data and all the data, knowledge and information that we store and use within the University.

Prevent cyber-crime together

As such, the e-learning provides you with important knowledge. But your participation also results invaluable information for our organization. Because it enables us to measure what we still need to do in order to improve the way in which we provide information and protect our data. With this valuable input, we can continue to reduce the risk of a cyberattack on the University. Do you want to know what LISA does with the responses you provide? You can read about it in the privacy statement that has been drawn up for this e-learning programme.

More information on the Privacy and Awareness Programme and Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT)

Are you interested in learning more about the overarching programme on cyber security (PASSWORD - Privacy and Awareness on Workplace, Office and Remote Data)? Turn to the PASSWORD programme manager, Wim Olijslager ( Have you received a questionable e-mail? Please contact CERT ( immediately and remove the e-mail without clicking on links or opening attachments. More information about CERT can be found on the team's website (