In the UT mailing of Friday 22 January, the additional national measures to curb the further spreading of Covid-19 and the impact on our university were explained.  For this mailing as well as other relevant corona information, please visit In this message we would like to summarise the most important points for you.

A curfew will be introduced from 21:00 in the evening until 4:30 in the morning. The curfew starts on Saturday 23 January and lasts at least until Tuesday 9 February. Only for exams that have to take place in the evening, an exception to the curfew has been made.  If you have an exam, please follow the guidelines for taking it safely. And be aware that you will need an individual statement, that you can download yourself, as well as a statement of the University of Twente for your return journey.  You will receive the statement of the university on the spot after finishing your exam.

Restrictions on international travel
Since March, certain groups of travelers from countries outside the EU are already subject to an entry ban. The list of exceptions has been shortened. Only students who come for a period longer than 90 days and who are in possession of a so-called 'authorisation for temporary stay' (mvv) are excluded from this ban. A detailed explanation of the new restrictions can be found here.

Binding study advice (BSA)
Earlier this month, the University of Twente has taken a decision on lowering the binding study advice for students who have started their study program in the academic year 2020-2021. They must obtain at least 40 ECTS this year; this was 45 ECTS. The adjusted BSA does not apply to students who started in 2019-2020 and previously received a deferred recommendation. More information can be found in the message on the website.