Pre-master experiences

Marlou's transfer minor

As a pre-master's programme for Business Administration

As a third-year Human Resource Management student, Marlou decided to continue her studies at the University of Twente with the Business Administration master's programme. "I wanted more of a challenge from my studies, but I also really liked student life. I did the transfer program as a transfer minor, which was a better choice financially for me than taking up a pre-master's programme after completing my university of applied sciences (HBO) programme. It also allowed me to transfer to the master's programme right after my HBO programme.

I can recommend it to everyoneMarlou

The courses of the transfer minor

The courses I took were challenging and very interesting. At the university you face a challenge and look for the essence of the problem, you will solve it and also apply that essence to other problems. I like to actively look for solutions. You are given a lot of freedom to find a solution in whichever field. You can easily make an appointment with a Professor who can always help you when you're stuck. All in all, I successfully completed all courses on the first or second try, so my graduation was not delayed. I obtained my full HBO degree in four years and was able to start the master's programme last September. I can certainly recommend everyone to continue their studies at the University of Twente and to use the transfer minor to do so!

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