Outside the crowded urban areas in the west of the Netherlands, Enschede is a safe, green, easy-to-reach, and located centrally between major European capitals.

Enschede is a city offering a wide range of culture, arts and nightlife. Enschede also has some surprising architecture and a beautiful city centre with cosy café terraces. Moreover, Enschede offers the most versatile choice of shops in the eastern Netherlands.

Enschede innovates!


  • A relatively small area of just over 41,000 square kilometres
  • Home to over 16.7 million people
  • A safe country by international standards
  • Well-organized, with a dense, safe public transport network
  • The country’s number one mode of transport: the bicycle
  • 87% of the population speaks English
  • Hosts great events and festivals throughout the year
  • A rich history and a tolerant society

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