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Choosing a master's but missed the Online Open Day?

What's your next step? Which master's will you continue your studies with?

In a master’s, you acquire specialised knowledge in a certain field and it allows you to broaden your knowledge and skills. With a master's degree, your prospects on the job market improve and if you want to stay in academia, you can also continue your career as a researcher!

Open days, fairs and other events

To help you find the perfect master's, you can take part in our various orientation activities, online, on our campus and perhaps even in your home country if we visit a fair over there.

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Why studying a master's at the University of Twente?

If you choose to study a master's at UT, you will learn to work on societal challenges of the future using innovative technologies. We call this High Tech Human Touch. You will benefit from a unique, personal and future-oriented, project-based approach, in which you will acquire specific, scientific knowledge, skills and values, which you can put to good use in your future job. To all the master's.

There's also a lot of freedom in customising your master's with elective courses that suit your interests and ambitions. This freedom will help you to become the professional you wish to be. Thanks to our cross-disciplinary, international profile, you will learn to work with experts from other disciplines and cultures.

If you choose the University of Twente, you will invest in in-depth academic knowledge and intensive personal growth.

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