Hello future pre-master students!

My name is Arlette Nieswaag, I am 25 years old and I am a second year student of the master ‘Construction Management & Engineering’ at the University of Twente. I finished my bachelor ‘Civil Engineering’ at Saxion (university of applied sciences) located in Enschede.

 During my bachelor at Saxion I was introduced, through excursions and an internship, to what kind of jobs I could apply for with an applied sciences degree and I realized that those were not the jobs that I wanted to start my career with. After that realization I began searching on the internet and found a master programme at the University of Twente that matched with what I wanted. However, the only downside was that I needed to complete a pre-master in order for me to get accepted into the masters’ programme. I decided to pursue my goals and enrol myself for the pre-master.

My time during the pre-master was a difficult and busy time, since you get a lot of different types of courses in a short period of time. Despite this it is also a fun time where you meet new people, join associations and get introduced into how things are organized at a university. If you are considering enrolling for a pre-master and you have some reservations in regards to what is expected from you, what the differences are between applied sciences and university, or have other questions? Feel free to e-mail me: a.y.nieswaag@student.utwente.nl

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