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Overview summer courses and activities

The University of Twente offers different summer courses and activities for students from all ove rthe world. You’ll love the festival environment while meeting like-minded students from all over the world. The opportunities are endless: get inspired by keynote speakers, dance or just chill, be amazed by our theatre performers, and learn from our world-class academic teaching staff.

CuriousU summer school

Our summer school CuriousU is focused on Bachelor’s students in their second to last or last year, and entry level Master’s students, but is also open for anyone with broad interests and an inquisitive mind. The CuriousU experience is a one-of-a-kind combination of a summer school and a festival. Our summer school package includes: academic courses, music, sports, theatre, inspirational speakers. We’ve got it all. The last  edition of CuriousU in 2017 was a huge success with participants from 50 countries! Check out CuriousU and get inspired.

InspireU summer camp

InspireU combines a unique, summer camp at the campus of the University of Twente with a festival and thus provides you with a unique experience: academic courses, music, sports, entertainment and inspirational speakers all in one place! Our summer camp is an event for both international and Dutch students who haven't yet started their university careers, but are finishing up their high-school education. If you are at least 15 years of age and in your later to final stage of highschool, summer camp InspireU is for you. Keep in mind that InspireU is an English event.