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Leadership, self-management, showing initiative and taking decisions are competencies you don't get from your study books. But you can acquire them by being active alongside your studies. For example, by fulfilling certain functions in an association or a student team.

Being active is an investment in yourself and of enormous value for your professional development. You will meet different people, learn to work together and gain a lot of experience that you can later put to good use in your future job. What you have done next to your studies and how socially and organisationally you have developed are very important to employers.

Student experiences

Find out what suits you and discover that activism is fun and educational. These students tell what they learned!

Student Activism

Detailed information about Enschede's student activism and the More Than A Degree programme can be found on the Student Union website. One of Student Union's main aims is to promote student activism in order to enable students to develop their competencies. For example, by doing voluntary work for an association, taking on a part-time job or setting up your own business.

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