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The Bachelor's programme in Technology, Liberal Arts and Sciences (ATLAS) is a three-year educational programme taught entirely in English. The ATLAS curriculum is firmly based in science & mathematics and social sciences. You will learn about these subjects in interactive courses and workshops and you will apply what you have learned in a project setting. 

What is Liberal Arts and Sciences?

The Association of American Colleges & Universities defines liberal education as "a philosophy of education that empowers individuals with broad knowledge and transferable skills, and a strong sense of values, ethics, and civic engagement."

5 Reasons to Choose ATLAS

  1. We look for students with an agile mind and attitude, who enjoy being stretched by unexpected challenges.
  2. We combine technology and engineering with social sciences.
  3. University College Twente is an on-campus community where students and staff from all over the world study, work and live together 24/7: collaborative learning and feedback are big buzzwords here.
  4. Our self-designed, self-regulated learning concept means no fixed courses, no conventional exams, no grades.
  5. Our goal is not just to transfer knowledge but to develop personalities: we invest heavily in your growth, for example by encouraging personal pursuits beyond your curriculum and a semester of studying abroad.
Keuzegids 2020
“This programme has been rewarded the top-rated programme seal”
Keuzegids 2020

Design Your Own Programme

Our educational philosophy at University College Twente is built on the premise that as a student you stand at the centre of your own learning and personal development. It is your responsibility to shape your educational path by building on your multiple talents. Read more about the curriculum


The bachelor's programme is distinctive for it's project-based curriculum. These hands-on projects will form the core of your education and are key to the entire learning experience at University College Twente. They offer you a chance to apply in practice the knowledge you gain during the courses. Read more about the projects

Personal Pursuit

Throughout the ATLAS-programme you are able to pursue an area of personal interest as an accredited study, supported and guided by a tutor or external expert. We call this opportunity to develop further as an individual Personal Pursuit

Your Future

The programme guides you in shaping your own future. With your degree, you will be able to join any master's programme at the University of Twente, or countless other master's programmes throughout the world. The possibilities for your future career are virtually endless.

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