I.C.T.S.V. Inter-Actief is the student union for our Technical Computer Science and Business & IT programmes as well as the matching Master’s programmes at the University of Twente. Inter-Actief was founded on 12 March 1981, and has around 1,000 members. It is the largest ICT student union in the Netherlands.


A student union exists for students following a specific programme and supports them in their studies. On top of that, student unions offer various services aimed at making student life easier. They keep you updated on developments in your programme. If you ever have complaints or problems, you can also call on Inter-Actief to represent your interests as a student.


In addition to its study-related activities, Inter-Actief also exists socializing and fun, of course. The union puts on a weekly drinks time frequently organizes parties. Its other activities include laser gaming, karting, poker nights, live monopoly games and much more. These events provide fun opportunities to connect with other students and to get to know students you might otherwise not bump into. Naturally, Inter-Actief has its own union room.

TRAVEL and study tours

On top of its day-to-day activities, Inter-Actief organizes three recurring trips. One of these is an annual skiing trip, for which Inter-Actief sometimes teams up with another union. This is a great opportunity for participants to enjoy a superb winter holiday at an affordable price. The second annual outing is a European city trip, which lasts for a little longer than a weekend. This trip usually includes a visit to the local university and time for exploring the city. Recent Inter-Actief destinations have included Berlin and Paris.

The largest of the three recurring trips is the study tour. This is held every second year. A group of 30 students and several staff members visit a country that is somehow related to a relevant ICT theme.

This year Inter-Actief will be organizing its very first International Business Course. This is a mini study your of four days. The destination will be in Europe and the goal will be to visit companies there.


All of these activities are organized by active members of Inter-Actief. Getting involved in organizational work is a great way of developing competencies in addition to the ones in your programme. Also, companies appreciate students who have played an active role in their unions, which means it will improve your employability. Above all, of course, organizing all these activities is a lot of fun.

Want to learn more about combining your studies with union activities? Read all about the experiences of Iris, the former chairperson of Inter-Actief.

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