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Looking to challenge yourself?

Would you like to do something extra in addition to your studies? Or are you looking for that extra challenge within the programme? If you are, the Technical Computer Science programme offers you several possibilities, including university-wide excellence programmes and a programme-specific excellence programme. Like many other students studying Technical Computer Science, you could become a member of Inter-Actief and participate in the student union's activities, take a seat in one of their committees or even become a board member.


Are you talented and do you have an entrepreneurial mind-set? Do you like to think out of the box? Do you tend to push the boundaries of disciplines and look for ways to make sure your ideas have an influence on society? If that's you, then the University of Twente has a challenging programme for you: the Honours programme.


If you are looking for an extra challenge and if you can cope with the additional challenge of taking extra courses alongside the regular study programme, then you can choose to study two programmes at the same time. At the University of Twente you can choose a double degree in Technical Computer Science and Applied Mathematics. If you opt for this, you will follow a tailored study programme that combines parts of modules from both programmes. Every quartile you will have a slightly heavier course load then regular students, so it is important that you get good grades during your prior education. With a bit of extra effort, you can complete this double degree in three years.

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