Living and learning

At the University of Twente we strive to maintain an inclusive and positive learning and living environment. We recognize that studying abroad is a great opportunity for personal development and intercultural exchange. To promote these values we organize activities and offer services for our international students to help make Enschede their home away from home. The campus community, its activities and facilities are just the start of what your Twente experience can be. In addition, we foster a sense of community through our International Food Festival and Dutch language courses. Food and language are building blocks of culture and a great way to meet your international peers.We also offer resources and services developed to meet your every need. To help you adjust to new academic or personal situations we provide information on conduct, rights and responsibilities, as well as opportunities. Our support services give additional guidance on incoming and outgoing mobility issues including personal, academic and financial matters. We hope that you will take advantage of our programmes and services, and that your experience at Twente will be fulfilling and rewarding.

Campus life

The University of Twente is the only university in the Netherlands with a true campus. A campus is a large area where all educational buildings, facilities and laboratories are located, and where all teaching and research take place. On campus, students can find housing, do their groceries, participate in sports, have a meal, or go out for the evening. A campus gives a university a completely unique atmosphere. That's what makes the University of Twente so special. Approximately 2,000 students live on campus, and the campus grounds are frequented by some 8,500 students every day.


International Office assists international guests in finding furnished accommodation. They office coordinates supply and demand between international students/employees and local housing providers offering both on and off campus accommodation. Take a look at the International Students website for more information about housing.

Student associations

There's a lot you can do at Twente besides studying. Perhaps you're a keen skater, or maybe your weekends are one long jam session on your drum kit. Have you always wanted to learn Jiu Jitsu? Fancy giving kitesurfing a try, if only once? There are 37 sports clubs and 19 cultural associations to choose from. So there's sure to be a club dedicated to your hobby. If not, you can always start a group of your own.

In addition to sports and cultural associations, the University of Twente has 16 study associations and seven student clubs. The difference between a study association and a student club is that a study association represents the general interests of students from one or more programmes, including e.g. offering books to students, while a student club is open to students from any programme, and is chiefly concerned with social aspects of student life.

To meet its responsibility for maintaining the facilities of all clubs and associations, the Student Union offers the “Union Card”.  Union Cards are valid for one (half) year and are required for club memberships. The Union Card also permits free access to fitness, squash and swimming facilities. For detailed information visit the website of the international student associations.

Did you know that the University of Twente…

  • provides an internet connection of 1 gigabit per second and a campus-wide wifi network
  • lies in the heart of Europe
  • is home to MESA+, one of the world’s largest nanotechnology research institutes
  • has been crowned most entrepreneurial university in the Netherlands
  • has the only true, American-style campus in the Netherlands
  • is the finish line of the biggest relay race in the world the ‘Batavierenrace’

4 Dutch facts

  • 86% of the population speaks English as a second language
  • The Netherlands is home to more bicycles than people
  • The city of Enschede has 158,542 citizens as of 1 January 2014
  • Kennispark Twente (with close ties to the University of Twente) is one of 7 leading Dutch innovation campuses and was voted the Best Business park in the Netherlands in 2013
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