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Overview Abitur course requirements

The basic requirement is a "Zeugnis Der Allgemeinen Hochschulreife (AHR)". The school subjects below do not indicate "Grundkurs" or "Leistungskurs / Prüfungsfach" level. If a specific school subject for your desired study programme is mentioned, this means that the subject must be present on your Abitur diploma up until the final year, independent from the level.

Bachelor's programme

Required school subjects

Advanced Technology

English + Mathematics + Physics

Applied Mathematics

English + Mathematics

Biomedizinische Technik (Biomedical Technology)

Dutch language requirements + English + Mathematics + Physics + Chemistry

Business Information Technology

English + Mathematics

Chemical Science & Engineering

English + Mathematics + Physics + Chemistry

Civil Engineering

English + Mathematics + Physics

Communication Science

English + Mathematics

Creative Technology

English + Mathematics

Electrical Engineering

English + Mathematics + Physics

Gesundheitswissenschaften (Health Sciences)

Dutch language requirements + English + Mathematics

Industrial Design Engineering

English + Mathematics + Physics

Industrial Engineering & Management Science

English + Mathematics

International Business Administration

English + Mathematics

Management, Society and Technology 

English + Mathematics

Mechanical Engineering

English + Mathematics + Physics


English + Mathematics

Technical Computer Science

English + Mathematics

Technische Medizin (Technical Medicine)  

Dutch language requirements + English + Mathematics + Physics + Chemistry + Biology

Technische Physik (Applied Physics)

Dutch language requirements + English + Mathematics + Physics

University College (ATLAS)

University College Twente (UCT) is the International Honours College of the University of Twente, ATLAS for short. Please see the admission requirements on the ATLAS website.

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