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Good Habitz platform

Learning about a range of subjects using online trainings and courses, whenever and wherever you want. This became a reality for UT staff members as of October 2018 with the launch of two new platforms: GoodHabitz and FutureLearn. Both platforms offer a wide variety of different online courses. The initiative will be assessed after a two-year pilot.  


GoodHabitz offers users more than 100 online courses in all kinds of fields, ranging from personal efficiency to Microsoft Office, from management to social media, and from health & safety to commercial skills. The trainings are available in 5 languages and consist of videos, articles, and quizzes. The platform is already being used by professional organisations in many different sectors. Watch the video below for more information:


UT employees will receive an email with a personal activation link, sent by GoodHabitz, in October 2018. Click the link and fill out the necessary information to activate your account and start learning! New employees will receive an e-mail shortly after their first day at work.  

Contact Akkelien Bergsma if you did not receive the e-mail.