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Sports for employees

For the University of Twente it is important that employees work with enthusiasm in a healthy environment and carry out their work in a healthy way.

For employees the CampusCard employee subscription is free of charge. It is necessary to activate the subscription every new academic year. When you’ve activated the CampusCard there are a lot of sport facilities available. You can check all the info about the sports options in our overview below. 

If you want more information about sports on Campus. Contact our Backoffice. 

  • Activate your CampusCard employee / Make a reservation.

    To be able to make a reservation for sports or to make use of our accommodation, you will need an active CampusCard employee subscription for an academic year. It is necessary to activate your subscription every year. Starting the first week of September in a new academic year, you will be able to activate your subscription via DMS:

    - Log in with your M-number and password. 
    - Go to 'What's on offer' or 'Aanbod'
    - Add the free 'CampusCard employee' subscription. 
    - Do you want to join grouplessons? Activate the 'Grouplesson' subscription as well. 
    - The subscriptions are active and can be used with your employee card! 

    When you have activated your subscription, you will be able to make a reservation for sports on Campus. How to make a reservation can be found below: 

    Please be aware that you can make a reservation starting 24 hours before the start of an activity. 

    If you want to make a reservation, we ask you kindly to make a reservation for 1 timeslot only. It is not allowed to book 2 or more timeslots a day.

     You can make a reservation by the following steps:

    1.       Go to and log in.
    2.       Click on the menu item, Bookings.
    3.       In the Bookings section select the sports location, which you want to make a reservation for, by clicking the ‘Room’ drop down menu.
    4.       Select in the calendar the timeslot you want to make a reservation for, if the timeslot is red you can’t make a reservation. If the timeslot is green you should be able to make a reservation.
    5.       After your reservation, you’ll receive an e-mail confirmation (in Dutch). If you are joining one of our grouplessons, be sure to bring this confirmation. You can bring the confirmation in a digital form. 
    If you are ging to do a workout in our gym or if you are going for a swim, make a reservation and use your employeecard at the scanner at the entrance. 

  • Keep updated: mailinglist inidividual sports

    To keep up to date about the latest news about the sports on offer (new classes, changed schedules, cancellations) you can sign up for the mailinglist.

    Registration mailing list Individual sports.

  • Courses

    The Sports Centre of the University of Twente offers a lot of different sport courses. It is possible to join one of the courses as an employee, but you do have to pay a small fee to participate. 

    Check our overview of courses for more information. 

  • Grouplessons

    To join one of the grouplessons, it is necessary to add a grouplesson subscription to your account. 

    Do you want to know the timetable of our grouplessons? Check our webpage about grouplessons and courses.

    Do you want an overview of all our grouplessons and want more info about a specific grouplesson? Check our overview. 

  • Swimming

    Do you want to make use of the swimmingpool? We have an indoor and outdoorpool on Campus. The indoorpool is open during the winter period and the outdoorpool during the summerperiod. It is possible to make use of the pool when you have an active CampusCard employee subscription. 

    For more information, check our webpage about swimming. 

  • Fitness

    When you have an active CampusCard employee subscription, it is possible to join the fitness (at this moment you need to make a reservation for a timeslot). 

    More information about our fitness can be found on the webpage. 

  • Medical fitness

    Three times a week, employees of the UT with (occupational) complaints participate in the Medical fitness program at the Sports Centre. On fixed days and times, there is a physical therapist present for guidance. Employees who wish to make use of this option can make an appointment for an intake.

    More information about medical fitness? Check our webpage for fitness. 

  • Golf class

    Time and date
    The grouplesson will take place every Friday, starting 24 September till 17 December. You can make a reservation for the following timeslots: 

    • Friday 12:30h -13:30h

    Beginners and experienced golfers can participate in this class, which is located on the driving range of Golfclub Driene.
    Golfclub Driene is a 10-minute bike ride from the campus.
    Golf professional Hugo de Bruin awaits you at the driving range, you can follow the signs at the Golfclub.
    You can borrow materials at the golf club, but if you’re in procession of your own equipment please bring this with you.

    Please wear comfortable and covering clothes and golf shoes/sport shoes.

    Are you interested in more golf? Check out our courses! 

  • Badminton

    Badminton is part of Company Sports and is organized for employees. It is offered as an open session. Fast, feathery and tight movements with a net in between. Here you can put your intelligence, speed and stamina to the test. You cannot reserve a place, so just turn up. 




    SC 3



    SC 3



    SC 3

    More information?
    Contact Sander Smits

  • Futsal

    As an employee you can join the internal competition futsal for employees. You can sign up with your own team. All the information can be found on the webpage.

  • Volleybal

    PROGRAM 2021-2022




    SC 3



    SC 4

    Do you want to participate in a Volleyball hour for employees during lunch time? Be sure to contact Cor Bakker to register yourself. 

  • Tennis

    It is possible to make a reservation for one of the tennis courts, all information about the available times and courts can be found on our Free use of sports page. 

    It is also possible to join our Grouplesson tennis, or register for one of our tennis courses

  • Fit50+

    Employees with an age above 50 years, can make use of our Fit50+ program. The program has a lot of benefits for employees, for instance they can make use of some of our courses for free.

    More information? Check it on our webpage. 

  • Lunch walk

    During the lunch walk you will be guided across the Campus with our instructor Jolinde 

    Program 2021-2022 


    Dinsdag: 12.30-13.30 uur


    September 2021


    Sports Centre/University Campus



    Do you want more information about the Lunch walks? Contact Jolinde Gosseling. 

  • Sports associations

    As an employee it is possible to join one of the sports associations of the University of Twente. To become a member of an association, it is also necessary to get the assoication fee for the association. For employees, the assoication fee is free of charge. 

    Click here for a complete overview of the associations at the University of Twente. 

  • Physiotherapy

    Do you have (small) an injury? Do not hesitate and ask for advice. You can stop by Topvorm Twente to make an appointment. They are located in the Sports Centre, you can find them across the Servicedesk of the Sports Centre. 

    More information via (Sports)Physiotherapy practice Topvorm Twente.

    Phone: 053-7676020

  • Nutritionist

    Many people today are concerned with a healthy living and nutrition. A nutritionist is a specialist in the field of nutrition, lifestyle and health and can support you in this lifestyle.

    Receive advice from Marike ten Oever (dietician) during office hours at the UT. In an interview of half an hour she carries out a weight analysis and in addition, provides insight into your lifestyle and eating patterns and determines your nutrition history. The measuring of the blood pressure and the body fat percentage will also be part of the interview. With this data, she gives personal advice that will fit your situation. She also provides more information about nutrients, vitamins & minerals.

    Day, time and place:
    The office hours of Marike are every Wednesday from 9:00 to 12:00 am and will be at Topvorm Twente. To avoid delays, we ask you to register in advance. By clicking here you can register.

    If you have any questions, please contact Marike (email: