Artist in residence

At the University of Twente, an 'artist in residence' is appointed for 3 to 6 months a year: an artist who temporarily uses the campus as a workplace and sometimes as a place to live. This creates a close connection between art, research and education, and every year there is a new focus on visual art on campus and in academia.

2023 / 2024

Currently, Jonathan Reus is the 'artist in residence'.

Jonathan Reus

Jonathan Reus is a transmedia artist and musician known for his conceptual explorations of technology and interdisciplinary ethic. Deeply inspired by folk and traditional music practices, he creates musical-technological artworks that reflect on the mixed feelings of terror and vulnerability, delight and joy, produced by human lives being parts of complex, changing socio-technical machines. 

Jonathan will be artist-in-residence at the UT for the year 2023, where he will use the opportunity to do fundamental research into relationships between human voices and their artificial reproduction, and how these complex evolving relationships can be expressed using novel artistic techniques using AI and wearable robotics. As part of the unique nature of being embedded at the UT, Jonathan is working together with students and faculty to create sketches, facilitating an ongoing collaborative process of artistic learning and discovery.