Art Library

Enrich your room with art

The University of Twente has a large art collection. Employees and students can choose art for free for their (work)room at the UT. In the art library we usually have about 200 works in stock. We have beautiful drawings, paintings, silkscreens and photographs. Nothing in there for you? There are over 800 works in circulation, so who knows, you might get a chance if one of them comes back in stock.

Loan period

The maximum loan period is one year for students and two years for employees. Of course, the selected work can always be exchanged earlier. One of the conditions for borrowing is that the artwork remains on campus. You will find the art library just in front of the entrance of the University Library, on the second floor in the Vrijhof.

Please make an appointment in advance, this can be done by emailing the staff member Visual Arts. You can also contact her for more information about all the conditions.