Reservation request

Welcome to the booking office & events reservation form.

Associations and departments of the University of Twente or external customer can use this form to request rooms and events. We aim to respond to and/or confirm the request within 48 hours. We kindly ask you to submit your request at least 1 week in advance. If the request is submitted in a shorter time frame, we cannot guarantee it will be processed in time.

We hope you understand.

What client group are you part of?

Association of the University of Twente.

Department of the University of Twente.

Ofi no. not necessary if request for graduation colloquium. Fill in: not applicable

External Customer.

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Type of reservation:

Reservation request (short)

Lecture times are adhered to for bookings in lecture halls.

(name of graduate?)

Reservation request (Congress-Event)

Lecture times are adhered to for bookings in lecture halls.

Permit requests for stays at the Campus campsite are handled by Events. These can be requested using this form. Fill out the information above and answer the question below. 

If you want to request other accommodations on the Campus or if you would like more information on their availability, please refer to:

- U Parkhotel
- Log cabins
- Sports Centre (indoor hall)

View the (Dutch) Reservation terms and conditions here.

Reservation request (Barbecue-Promo)

Designated UT BBQ locations can be used if a number of conditions and safety requirements are met. At least one emergency assistance employee should be present at the BBQ. You will receive more information about the organisation and the corresponding costs from Events after filling out this reservation form. 

View the (Dutch) Reservation terms and conditions here.