Campus facilities


The campus has a wide range of health care institutions to offer. Most of them are not directly linked to the university, but they are very experienced in complaints common for students, international knowledge workers and highly skilled professionals. 


There is a GP medical centre on the campus, aimed specifically at students and university staff. You can find it in building De Sleutel (no 58). 


Inside that same building, De Sleutel (no 58), you will find dental practice Huizinga.


The establishment of a Psychotherapy Centre was an initiative of the University of Twente. BIG-registered psychotherapists who have great experience working with students and university staff have worked there since 2008.


The practice is located inside the Sports Centre (building no 49).


Dietician Marike ten Oever is available by appointment. She holds her consulting hours inside the Sports Centre or the GP medical centre.

COMPANY DOCTOR and Health & Safety service

The company doctor and the occupational health and safety service is provided by ArboUnie. (In Dutch only)