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Update your research output from 2023 in UT Research Information (RIS-Pure)

To all scientific staff of BMS,

As you know by now, the UT Research Information portal showcases all your Research Output, such as publications, activities and prizes that are registered in Pure Research Information (system’s backend). We encourage researchers to upload their work to increase their visibility, access, and impact.
Moreover, check BMS Research Support heading ‘UT research Information (RIS-PURE)’ on the latest guidance and info on possibilities in Pure, such as highlight specific research content in your profile, visibility of Projects, and how People pages and Pure are connected.

NEW BMS-Researchers:  By default your profile is set to non-visible, please follow these instructions to activate. 
We also have a help text available on how to add research output from previous/other employments.

What’s in it for you?

Registration of Research Output in UT Research Information (RIS-Pure) is not only important for research reports and considerations for prizes and awards of the UT and BMS. It has advantages for you as researcher: your personal RIS-Pure portal page makes your interests, collaborations and work publicly visible and you can add links to other professional pages (e.g. ResearchGate/LinkedIn). RIS-Pure is also linked to UT People pages, so your newest research publications will also become (automatically) visible on your personal people page. Lastly, we also provide a tool to use an html script of your publications on another website. Since 2020, a link to your published research datasets can also be highlighted! See further below how that works. 

Please take a little time to enrich your personal Pure profile information with some ‘curriculum and research description’ (the field ‘research interest’ can be reused in people pages, so you only have to keep it up to date in your Pure profile), a photo, links to other websites or add an ORCID.

Get your research output up to date

Like every year, we ask you to update your scientific output in the backend of UT Research Information system (RIS-Pure). Log in with your m-number and password. Please update your 2023 output, check if your Publications (such as refereed articles, books, book chapters, and professional publications) are complete and up to date.

RIS Pure offers multiple ways to highlight your work: 


You can add your research publications via your personal profile page in the Pure backend by a click on the arrow, next to the tab Personal, this will bring up your options or use the big green button ‘add new’.   

Several ways to add your output:

  • Create research output from a template manually or from an online source (minimal effort as necessary metadata fields are already filled).
  • Enable the automated search profile to automatically import your publications (last 2 years) regularly into Pure. You will be notified by email if new ‘candidates’ are available to be imported.
  • Register for ORCID (a unique identifier for a researcher) and read how to import your OCRID into Pure, import publications using your ORCID, and how to export research contributions from Pure to ORCID. A quick guide on ORCID with print screens is available as well.
  • Via ris@utwente.nl you can indicate to the UT library the publications that need to be added, they do this for you.

IMPORTANT: As UT has an open access (OA) policy please always upload the final published version and – in case of a non-OA article – the accepted author version, to maximize the visibility of your work.

Activities, Prizes, Press/Media, Awards

Besides publications, you generate impact with your research-related activities, for your own and the faculty/UT its visibility these are valuable to add!
Examples of relevant categories of Activities may be Editorial work, Membership of an external organization, Membership of Committee, Organization of an event, Consultancy work, Invited keynote talks, your Prizes, and Awards.
Please also add relevant external positions, log in the backend of Pure, go to ‘edit profile’ scroll down until you see ‘Positions outside of the institution’ and add your external position, it will be shown on your Pure Portal.

Register your research dataset

You can also register the research data* that belong to your publications, or all the research data that you collected, produced and/or used for your research at the UT. When you describe your data and their location, others can easily understand and find them in UT Research Information and as such, also via search engines like Google Scholar. This is important when others want to verify and possibly reuse your scientific work (when they do, they always have to cite it). The UT has already made efforts to add datasets of UT employees into Pure, but you can do it yourself too. Have a look at how datasets from your colleagues are presented in UT Research Information. Read more on the BMS Research Support site under RIS Pure -> research datasets. For Preserving data with UT facilities get in contact with the datastewards Deniece Nazareth or Minsi Li.


Projects that are in the UT financial system (Unit4) are automatically loaded in Pure, if you are a PI of a project the projects you are involved in will be visible in your profile and you can edit them. If you are not a PI but a participant in a project, this can be added to the project information in Pure by either the PI or the faculty support. Do you have a project that is not linked to the financial system, but you do want to add it because you want to attach research output, get in contact with the faculty support.
Do you just want to showcase a project by giving it textual attention in your profile? You can highlight your projects in a description on your Pure-profile. Go to ‘Personal Overview’ > edit profile > ‘Curriculum and research description’ > add profile information and choose type ‘projects’ and fill in the text box.

Projects are only in the backend of Pure and are not yet publically visible in the public portal since the projects contain too little information. Once they are enriched by the PI (or via the support) with e.g. a good title, description of the project, participants and collaborative partners, a website link, related research outputs, applications/awards for this project, we will prepare it for public visibility. Hence we do wait till we have enough ‘projects ready for public visibility’, to put them all together on the portal.

Support on Pure

For more information on the Research Information System (RIS) Pure see the UT RIS website (moved to UT service portal), especially the Quick Reference Cards (QRCs), or use the Manual and FAQ within the RIS Pure.

On the BMS Research Support site we provide help, also on how People Pages and Pure are connected.

Do you have questions on how to update your publications/activities in Pure? We’re happy to help! Contact Lyan Kamphuis-Blikman or the library via ris@utwente.nl