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Education and examination regulations

The BMS faculty and the University of Twente have different regulations which teachers and students have to take into account. The Student Charter describes the rights and obligations of students on the one hand and of the UT on the other. It consists of 2 parts:

● UT-wide student charter can be found via the (CES website),
● Faculty component: the Education and Examination Regulations with programme specific annexes (to be found on this page).

Furthermore, the Examinations Boards of BMS have their own Rules and Guidelines in which they have worked out how they meet their rights and obligations that the WHW and the OER stipulate. The R & R of this academic year can be found on the website of the examination committees BMS. Older versions are in the archive on this site.

Education and examination regulation

Below you will find the current EER, incl. programme specific annexes and the archives with the EER's and R&R's of previous years in the programme specific appendix (BMS and the former faculties of MG/MB and BS/GW).