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Prof. dr. Yoram Krozer

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Yoram Krozer PhD
Senior Researcher

Yoram Krozer is founder of the Cartesius Institute, Institute for Sustainable Innovations of the Netherlands Technical Universities. He is senior researcher at the University Twente, affiliated scholar at the Technical University Delft and Honorary Fellow at the University of Melbourne. He studied biology, economics, business administration and received PhD on Environment and Innovation at the juridical faculty of the University of Groningen. He worked at non-governmental organizations, private companies and founded a consultancy company before joining the academic society. He focuses on the innovations for common goods such as water, energy, nature, arts and regional development. His work with several trailblazing businesses in Europe is reflected more than thirty publications and a book Innovations and the Environment.

Room: RA 1254, Building number 10 Ravelijn

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(Excluding articles in magazines, policy presentation and reports)

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Papers in books

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Papers in scientific journals

  • Krozer Y. and A. Nentjes (2006). An Essay on Innovations for sustainable development, Environmental Science, 3(3) : 163-174.
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  • Krozer, Yoram, Sharon Hophmayer-Tokich, Hans van Meerendonk, Simon Tijsma and Eric Vos. Innovations in the water chain – experiences in the Netherlands, Journal of Cleaner.

Papers in professional journals

  • Krozer, Y. and A. Nentjes (2007). Milieu-innovatie en kosten van emissiereductie, Economische Statistische Berichten, jrg 92, augustus 2007, pp. 452-455.