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Dr. Gül Özerol, Assistant Professor







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Gül holds a PhD in Innovation and Governance for Sustainable Development from CSTM, an MSc degree in Integrated Assessment from the University of Osnabrück, Germany, and BSc and MSc degrees in Industrial Engineering from the Middle East Technical University, Turkey. Her main research expertise is in evaluation, policy analysis, institutional analysis and public participation.

Gül is keen to improve the scientific and practical foundations of the political, institutional and behavioural dimensions of natural resource governance, focusing on the sustainable governance of water, land and energy resources. She has been participating in and managing research and consultancy projects in Europe, Middle East and North Africa, and acquired local experience in the Netherlands, Turkey and Palestine.



Natural Resource Governance


Water-Energy-Food Nexus


Irrigation Management


Urban Water Management


Public Participation


Multi-Criteria Methods


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