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All membrane research performed at the University of Twente is clustered in the Membrane Alliance Twente. Continue directly to the Membrane Science & Technology Group or explore the other groups below:

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The Membrane Technology Group of the University of Twente focuses on the multi-disciplinary topic of membrane science and technology to control mass transfer through interfaces. All membrane research performed at the University of Twente is clustered in the Membrane Alliance Twente, which consists of 4 different entities:

  1. Membrane Science & Technology, which focuses on the design, development and application of polymer membranes for Energy, Water and Sustainable Processes (Dr. Kitty Nijmeijer).
  2. Inorganic Membranes, which has a focus on the design and preparation of inorganic membranes (Prof. Arian Nijmeijer).
  3. European Membrane Institute Twente, which performs confidential contract research directly with the industry. It acts as the interface between the academic research and the industrial needs (Dr. Zandrie Borneman).

Latest news

PhD Defense Salman Shahid

On Thursday February 5, 2014, Salman Shahid will defend his PhD thesis entitled ‘Polymer-Metal Organic Framework (MOF) mixed matrix membranes for gas separation applications’. In his thesis, Salman investigates the use Molecular Organic Frameworks (MOFs) to enhance the high-pressure gas separation performance of polymeric membranes and the effects of the presence of MOFs on plasticization in CO2/CH4 separations. ... read more

Membrane News Twente Winter 2014 edition

The newest edition of our 6 monthly newsletter (Membrane News Twente), edition Winter 2014, is out now! Topics include a.o. the forthcoming PhD defenses in February 2015, first Blue Energy power plant at the Afsluitdijk, Scanning Electron Microscopy facilities at MST, and our series ‘It all started in Twente’. ... read more

Cover of Journal of Polymer Science provided by MST

The cover of Volume 52, Issue 23 (2014) of the ‘Journal of Polymer Science Part B: Polymer Physics’ is an image created by Erik Vriezekolk et al., showing a detailed investigation into the fabrication of porous films based on the self-organization of diblock-copolymers. ... read more

5 Membrane lectures at the ‘Universiteit van Nederland’

On December 2, 2014, Prof. Kitty Nijmeijer will give 5 lectures of 15 minutes each for The University of The Netherlands (www.universiteitvannederland.nl). Clean drinking water is scarce. Worldwide freshwater supplies are shrinking and rapidly become severely polluted. So, are we soon left to drinking canal water? ... read more