Hackathon AI 2024 (EN)


Do you want to improve the quality of primary, secondary, vocational and/or higher education with smart technology? Do you want to make learning more personal and better? Do you want to learn how to use AI in education? Then join the hackathon AI on June 12, 13 and 14, 2024.

What is a hackathon?

A hackathon is an activity in which participants work non-stop on one particular case in a short period of time. The theme of this hackathon is AI in education. There is a lot going on around AI in education, for example ChatGPT. To participate in this hackathon, knowledge of artificial intelligence is a plus, but not required: there are also experts (Jedi's) walking around to support teams. In addition, all participants are asked to take an online professionalization course prior to the event.

We invite teachers, school leaders, managers, students, pupils and other interested parties to work in teams of 6-8 for three days(June 12, 13 and 14) on a case aimed at improving quality in education. Under the guidance of the Jedi, these teams will work on developing their own AI application for the chosen case. On June 14, 2024, all teams will present their solutions to an expert jury, which will evaluate the presentations and ultimately select a winner.

The hackathon is designed by the facilitation and professionalization zone of the Acceleration Plan Education Innovation with ICT. This hackathon is organized by the University of Twente and the Education Working Group of the Dutch AI Coalition (NL AIC), on the occasion of the Month of AI in Education. The month of AI in education is co-sponsored by NL AIC - working group Education, SURF, National Education Lab AI (NOLAI), Npuls and Kennisnet. Several events will take place during this month, including this hackathon!





    A total of up to 12 teams can sign up, with a number of 6-8 team members. Applications must be complete, with the assumption that all participants will also be present during the event. Don't wait too long to register your team, as we can guarantee a spot to the first 12 registrations! We will place all other teams on a waiting list. Participation will be confirmed, by mail, after the registration deadline of May 22, 2024. If you have any questions, please contact pro-u@utwente.nl.

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    The term "Artificial Intelligence" (AI) was introduced in 1956 by scientist John McCarthy. He defined AI as "the science and technique of creating intelligent machines." In our society, more and more data is available. This data, combined with the growing computing power of computers and academic breakthroughs, is driving significant advances in the field of AI. Using AI, we can discover patterns in large amounts of data that mimic human thinking and rational reasoning. This includes the ability to generalize, argue, interpret and learn from the past.AI also offers many opportunities for education. It can be used in scheduling, service processes, improving equal opportunity, enhancing knowledge testing, facilitating place- and time-independent (lifelong) learning, and ensuring quality

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    The hackathon is organized by the University of Twente and the Education Working Group of the Dutch AI Coalition (NL AIC), on the occasion of the month of AI in Education. In cooperation with the AID-E, CELT, CEE, DSI, ELAN, Kennisnet, MBO Raad, Nationaal Onderwijslab AI (NOLAI), Npuls and Pre-U, Pro-U and SURF and Turner.