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Congress: Narrative Care: a person-oriented approach to humane and effective care

Patients and clients who seek care attribute meaning to their problems and complaints through stories. These stories also play an important role in developing a bond with their professional caregivers. Narrative care refers to the empathic and professional use of stories in health care. The narrative competence of professionals to listen, recognize, absorb, interpret, and be moved by these stories provides a crucial means to deliver person-oriented care. ... read more

Article on mediating processes in life review intervention accepted by Psychology and Aging

The paper "Mediating processes in an effective life review intervention", co-authored by Jojanneke Korte, Ernst Bohlmeijer and Gerben Westerhof has been accepted for publication in Psychology and Aging. ... read more

2nd European Conference in Narrative Therapy and Community Work

'Narrativ Praksis' is excited to announce the 2nd European Conference of Narrative Therapy and Community Work following the tradition from last year’s conference in Brighton, UK. The theme for this year’s conference is "Narrative Practice – What´s going on?" ... read more

Qualitative Research on Mental Health

Research evidence is widely held as a key influence on mental health policy and practice, but explorations of meaning are generally marginalised and muted. Whilst hypothesis testing in randomised controlled trials is held as the ‘gold standard’, qualitative research exploring people’s experiences and cultural meaning continue to occupy a more marginal position, even though these experiences and meanings inform important relational and inter-subjective phenomena. ... read more

Narrative Matters 2012

The American University of Paris, The University of Paris Diderot‐Paris 7, and the Centre for Interdisciplinary Research on Narrative at St. Thomas University, invite scholars from all disciplines to reflect upon the productive interplay between life and narrative. ... read more