CHOIR achieves the unique collaboration of operations research / operations management research groups and hospital departments of many hospitals across the Netherlands. This guarantees a scientific approach to healthcare optimization. Our expertise lies in the collaboration between several research groups from the faculty of Management and Governance and the faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science of the University of Twente. Furthermore we have a unique collaboration with ORTEC b.v. in which we thrive to bridge the gap between scientific research and practice, as well as several health care providers within the Netherlands.

Our research can be divided into the following focus/research areas

Ambulatory care

The provision of care to patients that do not need to be hospitalized. Included is primary care, as well as hospital based services such as diagnostics and outpatient clinics.

Surgical care

Operating procedures for the (injury) treatment of patients take place in surgical care facilities. Examples are the operating theater and anesthesia facilities.

Inpatient care

Inpatient care services provide care to patients that are hospitalized and require room, bed, and board. Examples are the intensive care unit and general nursing wards.

Emergency care

Emergency care entails the initial treatment of patients with an acute medical problem, such as accidents. This care is provided at the hospital (e.g., emergency departments), as well as outside hospitals (e.g., ambulances).

Residential care

Residential care services support daily living activities with medical and nursing services if required. Examples include nursing homes and psychiatric hospitals.