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Mathematics of Computational Science

CSC Fellowship China

Discontinuous Galerkin Methods for Phase Transitional Flows


Funded by: CSC Fellowship Cina
PhD: Lulu Tian
Jaap van der Vegt
Collaboration: Hans Kuerten, Bernard Geurts, Yan Xu ; University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) 


The numerical simulation of phase transitional flows requires an accurate description of the physical phenomena at the interface between the different phases and the capturing of the generally thin interfaces in between the phases for which we will use the diffuse interface method. In addition, the equations governing phase transitional flows frequently have a hyperbolic-elliptic character for which many of the numerical schemes developed for hyperbolic partial differential equations are not suitable. 

In this project a new discontinuous Galerkin finite element method will be developed for hyperbolic-elliptic partial differential equations governing phase transitional flows. Due to its local element wise discretization the discontinuous Galerkin method is well suited for local mesh refinement, which will be used to improve the capturing of the phase transition interface in the diffusive interface method.