Dieuwertje Alblas - MIA
Francesco Acciani - MAST
Riccardo Bardin - MACS
Vincent Bosboom - MACS
Nicoló Botteghi - MIA
Xiaoyu Cheng - MACS
Lars Corbijn van Willenswaard - MACS
Sven Dummer - MIA
Sagy Ephrati - MMS
Arnout Franken - MMS
Elena Giamatteo - MACS
Abdul Halim - MACS
Lucas Jansen Klomp - MIA
Manu Kalia - MIA
Muhammad Hamza Khalid - MACS
Nishant Kumar - MACS
Kaifang Liu - MACS
Xiangyi Meng - MACS
Nida Mir - MIA / MDI-TNW
Kevin Redosado - MMS
Len Spek - MIA
Julian Suk - MIA
Alexander Wierzba - MAST
Fengna Yan - MACS
Weihao Yan - MIA
source: http://www.malinc.se/math/trigonometry/geocentrismen.php - Heeringa - MIA

Vacancies at SACS

Current vacancies at SACS:

PhD position in mathematical shape analysis
Apply here!
We are looking for a PhD candidate to work on efficient shape representations. This is a challenging area connecting geometry to numerical mathematics and with wide-ranging applications, particularly in biological and medical imaging.
Deadline for application: 18 July 2022
PhD position in infinite-dimensional optimization for theoretical machine learning
Apply here!
We are looking for a talented, research-oriented PhD candidate to join the project "Regularized dynamics in optimization schemes for neural networks-based models".
Deadline for application 10 July 2022
PhD position in Computational Neuroscience
Apply here!
Are you interested in computational neuroscience and motivated to dive into biological questions using computational models? Read more by clicking the "Apply here!" button!
Deadline for application: 30 June 2022
Postdoc Position on Deep Learning for Inverse Problems in Medical Imaging
Apply here!
Are you interested in the development of new marchine learning methods at the interface of mathematical imaging, inverse problems, and medical image analysis?
Deadline for application: 30 June 2022

Current vacancies at EEMCS and or DAMUT: