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A new quantitative microscope is installed in the laboratory

A new Quantitative Microscope is installed in the laboratory

A new Picoquant MT200 confocal laser scanning micoscope is installed. Beside standard imaging, the picoquant is based on Time Corrleated Single Photon Correlation. Giving typical fluorescent lifetime information in single point measurements and realtime 2D FLIM imaging. 

Special features:  

  • Concentration/diffusion measurements by FCS (Fluorescent Correlation Spectroscpy)
  • Single molecule imaging
  • FRET burst analysis
  • Time trace measurements and analysis
  • 2D Rapid FLIM of cells substrates
  • 3D imaging up to 4 Channels 
  • Lifetime analysis.
  • 405-488-560-640 Excitation sources

Contact: Robert Molenaar