Research Projects

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New Technology for monitoring Cancer therapy through extracellular vesicle Identity. Click here for Perspectief flyer NL / EN

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CTCTrap (FP7 Health Program) 
Circulating Tumor Cells TheRapeutic APheresis: a novel biotechnology enabling personalized therapy for all cancer patients. (poster)

CANCER-ID (EU/EFPIA Innovative Medicine Initiative)
Cancer treatment and monitoring through identification of circulating tumour cells and tumour related nucleic acids in blood.


CellSpread (STW Open Technology Program)
Expression of multiple cell surface, intracellular antigens and measure secreted products from individual circulating tumor cells (CTC) label free by Surface Plasmon Resonance imaging (SPRi)


Instant-Count (ERC Grant)
Affordable diagnostics for resource poor countries.

CTC Detection and characterization (Janssen)
Research program geared towards detection and characterization of CTC using the CellSearch system.


Microscopy Valley (STW Perspectief Program)
MCBP efforts are to integrate and develop a compact Raman microscope with a Focused Ion Beam – Scanning Electron Beam system. Applications for correlative analysis can be found in the materials and biological sciences, the analysis of plasmonics and multimodal labels will be of immediate general interest.


Nanofluidics for lab-on-a-chip (Nanonext)
MCBP efforts is the development of microfluidic devices for the interrogation of single cancer cells.

Spectroscopic Analysis of Particles in Water (FOM/Wetsus)
Detection and analysis of mineralization processes from bulk water to surfaces.

This figure shows the fluorescence emission from the fluorophores attached to the anti-cancer drugs

Develop anti-cancer drugs primarily based on non-radioactive molecular imaging.


Screening and production of proteins, antibodies, fragments, genetically engineered recombinant proteins, etc.