Spectroscopic Analysis of Particles in Water


The project is a part of the program “Spectroscopic Analysis of Particles in Water”, which is supported by FOM and Wetsus. The project concerns the detection and analysis of mineralization processes from bulk water to surfaces. The conditions for mineralization and methods to prevent deposition at surfaces will be studied with optical spectroscopic techniques. Raman-based micro-spectroscopic methods like spontaneous Raman scattering and coherent Raman imaging will be key technology to characterize the composition and physical-chemical properties of mineral deposits over time and under various conditions related to common situations in “quality of water control”. Raman light scattering is sensitive to the composition and symmetry properties of minerals. The role of organic phases in early deposition and the influence and effectiveness of anti-scaling methods will be investigated in relation to properties of the surface. Interpretation of large amounts of spectroscopic data with multivariate data-analysis routines (cluster analysis, principal components analysis and others) will be an essential part of the research.

In collaboration with : Delft University of Technology