Frank Timmermans

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PhD Student

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Faculty of Science and Technology
Medical Cell BioPhysics (MCBP)
Building: Carré
Room: CR4433

Drienerlolaan 5
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7500 AE Enschede
The Netherlands

Project goals

Integrating and developing a compact Raman microscope in a Focused Ion Beam – Scanning Electron Beam system. Applications for correlative analysis can be found in the materials and biological sciences, the analysis of plasmonics and multimodal labels will be of immediate general interest.

Integrated Raman FIB-SEM

A Scanning electron microscope (SEM) with a focused ion beam (FIB) enables visualization and material processing with nanometer resolution. The integration of a Raman micro-spectrometer in a FIB-SEM system enables detailed optical spectroscopic material analysis. This provides the opportunity to combine the SEM’s nanometer visual resolution with the Raman microscopes information about the molecular composites. The fully integrated system provides a new tool for comprehensive material analysis. Additionally this system will provide the possibility for material analysis during selected moments of FIB processing on either inorganic materials or biological specimens.

A compact Raman microscope will be integrated with a FIB-SEM system in the MESA+ institute. After integration new developments will be made with the aim of improving the Raman microscopes spatial resolution to decrease the resolution gap between electron microscopy and optical microscopy.


Hybriscan Technologies b.v.

(left) Setup of the integrated Raman FIB – SEM system. (right) A schematic showing the vacuum chamber with incoupling optics for correlative Raman microscopy. The compact Raman microscope is placed outside the vacuum chamber, with only its objective inside.

The next figure shows correlative SEM and Raman images of 1 µm polystyrene beads combined with use of the FIB for site specific ablation. The top images have been taken before and the bottom after the removal with the Focused Ion Beam of the center bead.

C:\Users\Frank\Documents\PhD 20131016\presentation\2014-08-31 ICORS\useable measurements\A2 FIB SEM Raman\area1_A2_mag6500x_afterRaman1_006.tifC:\Users\Frank\Documents\PhD 20131016\presentation\2014-08-31 ICORS\useable measurements\A2 FIB SEM Raman\A2 beforeFIB polystyrene image 2.tifD:\posters\2014 IMC poster\useable data\export_fig\WithoutFIB_Averaged_Polystyrene_Spectrum.png

C:\Users\Frank\Documents\PhD 20131016\presentation\2014-08-31 ICORS\useable measurements\A2 FIB SEM Raman\area1_A2_mag6500x_afterRaman1_afterFIBmill_006.tifC:\Users\Frank\Documents\PhD backup\presentation\2014-08-13 ICORS\useable measurements\A2 FIB SEM Raman\A2 afterFIB polystyrene image.tifD:\posters\2014 IMC poster\useable data\export_fig\WithFIB_Averaged_Polystyrene_Spectrum.png
(left) SEM images of 1 µm polystyrene beads. (center) Raman images of the same correlative region. (right) Averaged Raman spectra of the polystyrene signal shown in the center images.