To support teaching staff with their online teaching activities, the TELT team has created this dedicated webpage with recommended tools for online teaching.  

Privacy and security
The UT has agreements with providers of several tools, which are listed on this website. It is not allowed to use other tools without permission. Please visit the Cyber Security: Online Safety and Privacy website to learn more.

Do you want to use other tools? Please read this page first.

Lecturers of the University of Twente who need to teach online, can think of the following activities:

  1. Pre-recording a lecture 
  2. Live streaming a lecture
  3. Remote assessment 
  4. Organizing project and group work

If you need didactical support on how to teach online, we provide helpful tips & tricks:

    5. Online pedagogy

How do I get started?

Before you continue, you can start by having a look at this general overview: 

On the pages below, you will find more detailed information about the different online teaching activities, tools and how to use them.

1. Pre-recording a lecture

We recommend that you pre-record your lectures if two-way interaction with students is not required during your lecture. It is less complex and risky than trying to deliver a live stream, and allows staff to review their quality and edit if necessary. Because you can add subtitles to your recording, it's also a great solution for students with hearing impairments. Instructions on how to get started with recording your lecture can be found here.

Pre-record your lecture?
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We recommend that you use live streaming if you need to have a two-way interaction with students. With live streamed lectures, distance learners have the opportunity to experience the class just as students on campus do. Instructions on how to get started with your live stream can be found here. Be aware that the larger the group, the more difficult it is to achieve effective interaction with your students.

Live stream your lecture?
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3. Remote Assessment

We have listed different assessment types and tools that can be used to facilitate remote assessment. More information can be found here

Want to do remote assessment?
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4. Project and Group work

Do you want to learn how to organize project and group work online?

Project and group work?
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5. Online pedagogy

Do you need didactical support with how to teach online? We provide helpful tips & tricks on online teaching here.

Didactical tips & tricks?
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Where to look for information?

  • For teachers in nowadays remote education situation, a lot of supportive websites are available. But where to look for what kind of information?

    CELT/TELT websites for teachers

    Kind of information

    Remote Education for teaching Staff

    Central regulations regarding remote education by the UT Corona Commission for Education (CCOw).

    TELT – Online Teaching

    Tools and tips for online teaching.

    TELT – Remote Assessment

    Tools and tips for remote assessment.

    TELT – Online Pedagogy

    Ideas and tips for online pedagogy.

    CELT - Toolboxes

    Toolboxes for teachers. NB. Most of these toolboxes were constructed before the Corona crisis. They provide general information on various educational topics and connect to the UTQ courses.

    In order to keep up to date with the latest information, the following sites are also relevant:

    • UT site: Corona FAQ Corona news for staff and students categorized in frequently asked questions.
    • SACC – Wellbeing  Website for students to cope with the Corona crisis situation. For instance with tips to stay focused on their study activities.
    • Examination Boards site – Corona information.  Website for Examination Board (EB) members to stay informed about relevant matters and regulations (UT and national) for EB’s.


If you have any further questions on teaching online, please contact your faculty e-learning specialist or the TELT team.