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Welcome on our page to support you in creating online education for your students.

To support teaching staff with their online teaching activities, the TELT team has created this dedicated webpage with recommended educational support for online teaching. More information will be added to the webpage continuously the coming days and weeks. To make sure that we offer support that suit your needs, the TELT team is in close contact with the e-learning specialists and educational advisors of your faculty.

OVERVIEW activities

This page gives an overview of different blended learning activities. It does not focus on the face to face activities but gives an overview of the more common online activities. Try to familiarize yourself with them before the design phase.

This list is not exhaustive, more activities can be added (for example annotation tools, voting, assessment etc).  We deliberately chose not to add names of tools here.  Many different solutions are available on the market and they are subject to change.


Online learning activity:

Use this activity when:

Present the content

Video format: Micro lecture

Recorded in a professional studio, in front of a camera and a green screen. Your slides are projected next to or behind you. 


  • Your topic is not easily subject to change
  • Your topic is part of a program which requires consistency
  • Your topic requires a visual presentation
  • Your topic explains one specific topic (5 min)
  • You want a studio quality recording
  • You want to be assisted by professionals
  • You are a good storyteller and would like to make a personal connection with your learners in some way

Video format: Screencast

They are recorded behind a computer screen as you walk the viewer through a pre-set presentation. At the same time, your voice is recorded.

  • You would like to do a software demonstration (SPSS, Matlab)
  • You want to address one or a few important topic(s) for your learners  topic explains one specific topic (5 min)
  • You want to do it yourself

Video format: Pencast

Record whatever you write down or draw (both physically or virtually) while, in a voice-over, you narrate your actions.

  • Your content consists of several drawings or formulas
  • You want to do it yourself

Video format: Existing video

Use an existing video from the web or a colleague.

  • You have checked the copyrights of the video
  • You know that relevant sources are available


Instructional activity which requires reading.

  • You want students to gather knowledge on a specific topic.
  • You want students to prepare on a topic.
  • You want students to deepen content

Processing the content

Video format: Interactive video

Enrich a video so that students are required to become actively involved with the learning material.


  • You want to enrich / add a personal touch to an existing video
  • You want your students to be active
  • You want to get feedback from students
  • Have prepared questions / activities for the students

Webinar/virtual class

Real-time sessions which provide space for faculty and students to replicate many elements of face-to-face instruction while online. 

  • You want to have real-time contact with your students
  • You need to interact with your students
  • The geographical location of your students is diverse
  • You wish to provide an alternative venue for students group work
  • You would like to give students the opportunity to ask questions or reflect on the content.


Digital testing / quizzes

Digitally assessing the progress of your students (during and/or at the end of the course).

  • You want students to check their own progress
  • You want to elicit students’ opinions
  • You want students to take initiative over their own learning progress
  • You want to use feedback as input for your own teaching activities
  • For reflection on own learning / opinion

Online discussion

Topic discussion among peers while online

  • You want to deepen the learning content
  • You want students to get actively involved with the learning content
  • You want to build a learning community
  • You want students to reflect on own learning / opinion
  • You want to facilitate the formulation of students’ personal opinions

Group work

Activities for more then 1 student for content processing purposes.

  • You want to encourage student collaboration
  • You want students to be connected to each other



An activity that requires students to hand-in a piece of for content processing purposes.

  • You want to deepen the content
  • You want to get feedback on your students understanding
  • Students are not autonomous enough to do it themselves


Interactive play that, through a story, teaches participants goal setting, rules, adaptability,  problem solving and  interaction.

  • You want to energize, motivate students
  • You want students to gather knowledge on a specific topic.
  • You want students to prepare or deepen the content