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The latest news about technology innovations for learning and teaching at the University of Twente. Special edition on digital testing.

Using Chromebooks for digital tests

The TELT team and the educational program Applied Math has performed a pilot with Chromebooks to test whether they could be used to deliver a math exam using the online application MyLabsPlus. Around 60 Electrical Engineering students took part in the pilot in June 2017 in the Therm exam room.

The Chromebook solution functions as an "web-only" exam-kiosk machine. All local and remote resources can be blocked with little effort. Students were only given access to specific parts of the exam environment.

We are quite happy with this first pilot. Of course there is room for improvement. For example it became clear that students need bigger tables, so that they have enough room for writing down solutions on paper before entering them in MyLabsPlus. The UT will continue running more pilots with this setup. Additional pilots on assessing skills will be executed using other (such as MathLab) desktop software on a Chromebook.

Read more details at our website.

Solution spotlight – Remindo

Besides the pilot described above, we also started a pilot project with the assessment software Remindo. This software stores exam questions in an item bank, and allows tagging, sorting and analysis of exam questions. Exams can be generated as a PDF, or can be organized online in a secured environment.

We are already working with several lecturers that will be using Remindo in the current academic year. Check out more information on digital assessment and testing on our website.

Upcoming events

The TELT team delivers workshops and training sessions for you to become more familiar with using technology for learning. These courses are scheduled for the next months:

·       How to create an instructional video, 12 October 2017, 16 April 2018

·       And we will be also present at the UT Education Day on 19 October


More information

TELT stands for Technology Enhanced Learning and Teaching. If you would like to learn more about our expertise, please visit http://www.utwente.nl/telt or contact us directly through email: telt@utwente.nl.

The TELT team

Members of the TELT Team are Laura Bergmans, Martin Bosker, Eduardo Hermsen, Wytze Koopal, Ard Kosters, Marloes Luttikhuis, Bé Meerman (coordinator), Chris Rouwenhorst, Karen Slotman, Marie-José Verkroost, Arthur Veugelers, Dennis Vierkant, and Petri de Willigen.