UTTELTSubsidies available for Open and Online Education

Subsidies available for Open and Online Education

Online and blended learning potentially allows students to study wherever and whenever they want. Now you can apply for subsidy from the ministery on this theme.


The Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science is providing subsidies in an annual incentive scheme (‘stimuleringsregeling’ in Dutch) for just that: the creation of open, online and blended education. Through this scheme, lecturers at higher education institutions can apply for a subsidy for projects in the area of online and blended education. 

So…. Do you have a good idea for online education? Something you are already doing, or something completely new that can increase the quality, accessibility, efficiency or study success of your education? Then it’s good to know that there is an incentive scheme to get funding for your project. 

Two pillars

This year, the incentive scheme consists of two pillars: online education and open learning materials. For each pillar a total amount of €550.000 will be available in 2018. The theme of the pillar online education is to effectively apply peer feedback and peer assessment in online education. The pillar open learning materials aims to experiment with re-use of existing and open learning materials within communities of teachers. For this pillar you need at least one other institution to work with you, and you need to jointly apply for the subsidy.

Project proposals receive up to €100.000 (pillar online education) or €175.000 (pillar open learning materials), where the subsidized amount must be matched with at least the same amount by the university. Proposals for projects for the 4th round must be submitted to SURF no later than 15 december 2017. The project proposals must be viewed and signed by our Executive Board. 

Information and assistance

You can read more about the open and online education incentive scheme at the SURF website (this information is in Dutch). If you'd like assistance with developing your subsidy proposal, please contact the educational consultant of your faculty or the coordinator from the TELT Team, Bé Meerman (b.meerman@utwente.nl).