Education Day 2017

The interplay between research and education

A University is “An institution at the highest level of education where you can study for a degree or do research”(Oxford Dictionaries)

A University is involved in both fields: research and education, but how is the balance between these two? Is the one more important than the other or not? How do they reinforce each other? This year the Education Day was about the interplay between research and education. Keynotes and workshops focused either on research about education, education in research, research and education, research in education or other possible perspectives.

The setup of the day differed from previous years. This year there were more options to choose from and different activities were presented simultaneously (activities such as: mini-lectures, workshops, debate sessions, try-outs, etc.). A timetable was presented, the programme started at 08.45 until 17.30 and, just like on a festival, people could decide when and what to join.


Two international keynotes speakers were scheduled on this Education Day. The day started with a keynote from Maria Knutson Wedel from Chalmers University, and the closing keynote was given by Pedro de Bruyckere, from Belgium. 


Pedro de Bruyckere is the author of the book ‘Urban myths about Learning and Education', and at the end of his keynote 10 lucky visitors won this book during a lottery.