Samenwerking Radboudumc en UT

HealthTech Nexus


HealthTech Nexus is the strategic partnership between Radboud University Medical Centre (Radboudumc) and the University of Twente that is at the interface of medical technology and healthcare. Together with partners, we work on knowledge development, education and innovation to meet unmet need in health and healthcare: urgent needs for which there are as yet no good solutions.

Healthcare is under pressure worldwide. The demand for healthcare is constantly increasing due to social and demographic developments. At the same time, the number of treatment options is growing. This is resulting in staff shortages, increasing complexity and rapidly growing costs. Many of these issues are at the interface of healthcare and advanced technology; two domains that are becoming increasingly interconnected. Thanks to our unique and complementary expertise, together we can find new answers to these issues.

The preclinical facilities and simulation approach of the University of Twente fit perfectly with the clinical facilities and expertise of Radboudumc. Radboudumc’s hybrid operating theatres (MITeC) and the simulation labs of the University of Twente are examples of how a high-quality learning and development environment is created for the entire healthcare innovation process, from scientific idea to practical implementation.

Within this environment, we combine our experience in fields such as AI, robotics, motion control, microtechnology and nanotechnology to develop new applications for medical imaging, interventional oncology and other care domains where technology can make a difference. At the same time, we are training a new generation of healthcare professionals who excel at developing and using modern technology for better care and more patient comfort.

Together with patients, businesses and governments, we translate our innovations into new products and services for healthcare and health, with a common goal: future-proofing healthcare through technological excellence



ir. R. Burie MBA (Remke)
Managing Director Technical Medical Centre
J. Bašić MSc (Jasmina)
Coordinator external collaborations