TechMed mobilises forces to support hospitals


The TechMed Innovation Hub serves as an access point to the regional ecosystem of MedTech stakeholders in the Eastern part of The Netherlands. We can connect you and your innovation question to this living network of healthcare providers, industry, research institutes, testbeds and cluster organizations.

Figure 1: This visualization was provided by Health Innovation Park, powered by Health Holland and the city of Enschede. The ecosystem continuously evolves, we cannot guarantee that this information is up to date.


The TechMed Centre has an extensive network of partners of a wide diversity:

Healthcare Providers

We collaborate with more than 50 hospitals, university medical centres and specialized clinics with a very wide diversity of medical domains. The strong internship network of Technical Medicine links our researcher to more than 1000 medical specialist and our clinical professors ensure structured partnerships with medical departments. Key partners are:

MedTech Industry

We collaborate with key players in the medtech industry and have a strong network of innovative SME’s and young startups.

Cluster organizations

We collaborate with multiple organizations stimulating innovation in healthcare and/or industry, both in Twente and on a national level.

Organizations in TechMed Twente Region and the Eastern Netherlands:

National organizations:

Testing facilities and labs

Beside the facilities of the TechMed Centre, we have a good relation with testing and production facilities in the region, such as:

Healthcare Players

We have a good relation with healthcare insurance agencies Menzis and Achmea.