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Medical specialists notice healthcare is changing rapidly. Technical medical developments play an increasingly important role in daily work. Do you want to stay abreast of the latest developments in healthcare? And train yourself how to use medical technologies in a safe, efficient and effective manner? Then our practical lifelong learning courses may be just what you are looking for! Our TechMed Education offers a broad range of modular and personalized learning programmes for a wide diversity of healthcare professionals. 

Personalized Lifelong Learning

Are you curious about what it's like to study at TechMed Education? Educational director Heleen Miedema gives you a short impression.

Why training at the techmed centre?

Our training courses differ substantially from those of other education providers. Find out why!

  • Benefit from our specific pedagogical approach

    We educate professionals in the accurate use of medical technology following a specific pedagogical approach:

    • We train medical professionals to become adaptive experts; professionals who have a thorough knowledge of medical technology and are able to act in untrained situations.
    • In our programmes, we strive to train according to Deliberate practice, a way of training in which the learner takes control over his own learning process and determines continuously his own learning needs and individual points of improvement. We, therefore, focus on the individual learner and his or her specific learning needs and encourage autonomy and responsibility in personalized learning paths.
    • We create a safe and protected learning environment through our simulation-based education. This enables professionals to train in a safe and calm way, learn from their mistakes by direct feedback, monitor progress and outcomes and assess their own competence using multi-source feedback. In this way, we ensure that students can easily apply their new knowledge and skills in clinical practice.

    Based on these grounds we created a sustainable form of personalized education with a strong base in E-learning, dedicated training assignments and testing in a simulated environment. This enables the learner to achieve specific predetermined goals in a personal process. To improve the results of professional medical teams, we will offer team-based teaching and learning programmes as well.

  • Educate yourself with our broad technical-medical expertise

    Scientific knowledge from all parts of the medical technology development is available within the Technical Medical Centre. This tremendous knowledge basis, in combination with our educational knowledge and expertise, gives us the opportunity to develop learning content within our educational framework.

  • Take advantage of our tremendous medical network

    The Technical Medical Centre has an extensive medical network, involving medical specialists from all academic and top-clinical hospitals in the Netherlands and associations of various medical professions. Therefore we can derive questions from the field and co-develop the programmes in collaboration with our target groups. This also ensures a perfect fit between our courses and existing educational programmes for medical professionals. Moreover, we are connected to multiple larger and smaller medical-technical companies, which gives us the possibility for the specialized and dedicated use of the technology available within the simulation centre.

  • Develop yourself to become an adaptive health professional

    As founder of the Technical Medicine programme, we have many years of experience with training adaptive healthcare professionals in the safe, efficient, effective and innovative use of medical technology. In the meanwhile, our educational portfolio has been expanded to other medical professions according to the same educational standards.

  • Train yourself in our safe clinical simulation environment

    Participants can benefit from our simulation centre with state-of-the-art facilities. We stimulate a continuous interaction between practising in a controlled learning environment and the application and refining of new knowledge and skills in a clinical context. Our training programmes consist of concise modules in which a specific subject or skill forms the basis of the module. Modules are built upon each other, and consist of an integration of theory and application including direct and meaningful feedback.

  • Benefit from our 'High Tech, Human Touch' approach

    Because of our High Tech Human Touch philosophy, we combine leading science and technology with behavioural sciences and a strong focus on valorization. It is our drive to connect with the real challenges faced by patients, professionals and the industry at large.

Course overview

As a University Technical Medical Centre, we offer academic certified courses, but are also facilitating training programmes for a wide diversity of stakeholders by opening our educational facilities and knowledge base. 


Within TechMed Education, we collaborate closely with hospitals, medical professional societies and the MedTech industry. Together, we offer a broad range of courses for professionals, ensuring the highest quality and best fit for user demands.


M.E. Hahnen - Florijn (Marije)
Programme manager Lifelong Learning @ TechMed Centre