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Created by Ed Hawkins

Show Your Stripes Day: join UT’s sustainability community

This Friday, June 21 is Show Your Stripes Day: an annual day to grow awareness about human-caused climate change, its impact, and what we as a society can do to ensure a sustainable future for the people and places we love. The Climate Stripes, or Warming Stripes, designed by prof. Ed Hawkins at the University of Reading, represent the increases in temperature seen throughout the past 150 years. The stripes serve as a stark reminder of the need for urgent action to combat the climate crisis.

Join Show your Stripes Day

At University of Twente, we feel a great responsibility to help find solutions for the climate crisis. Through our research and education, we want to contribute to a sustainable society. We also look at the impact of our own business operations: together with our students, employees, suppliers and other partners, we take action to make sustainability a natural part of our daily lives. Below, you will find some examples of what is happening at UT. Do you want to contribute? Check out the links and join the community!

Green Hub Twente

Green Hub Twente is the central platform for sustainability transformation at UT. Student-driven and supported by staff, Green Hub educates, organizes events and connects communities both internal and external to UT.

Climate Centre

UT’s Climate Centre works to strengthen University of Twente's climate-related research and education. Its goal: to create a vibrant community that facilitates a transition to a resilient, low-carbon society by advancing transdisciplinary solutions to climate change.

SEE Programme

Through the Sustainability, Energy & Environment (SEE) programme, UT works to achieve a lasting reduction of our consumption of energy and raw materials, reduce our carbon emissions, as well as minimalize the impact of UT’s activities on the air, soil and water.