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New waste bins at Coop

Outdoors waste separation bins on four new locations

Waste separation bins have been placed on four locations on campus. Until now, waste separation was only possible indoors on campus. At the new bins, you can separate your PMD, paper and residual waste. The bins can be found at the O&O square, in front of the Coop supermarket, next to the sports centre and next to the beach volleyball sports field. In the future, more locations may be added.

A waste analyses on the old outdoor bins on campus shows that only 56% of the waste in them is actually residual waste. Additionally, 23% is PMD, 12% paper and 9% organic waste. Separating organic waste outdoors is impractical because of the low volume, but removing the PMD and paper from the residual waste stream still results in a potential reduction of 35%. Of course, you can still take your organic waste with you into a building and dispose of it there.

About waste at the UT

The University of Twente strategy Shaping 2030 emphasizes sustainability on waste. One of the goals is to reduce the UTs carbon footprint by 15% in 2023 in the area of waste, among other areas. In order to reach this goal, the SEE-programme of Campus & Facility Management wrote a policy document on sustainable waste management, the 2021 UT waste plan. Residual waste needs to be reduced to 10.5 kg per person per year by 2030. To compare, in 2019 the University of Twente had an average of 43kgs residual waste per person.

More information

For more information about the new waste bins, you can contact Andre de Brouwer.

H.J.M. de Brouwer (Andre)
Supporting Staff